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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Jiffy Lube Suds Express

Alucobond, Jiffy Lube Suds Express, Sobotec

Project Name: Jiffy Lube Suds Express
Project Location: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Alucobond Materials: 5,000 sq. ft. 
Sunrise Silver Metallic
 2,140 sq. ft.
 Sobotec bright red
 1,250 sq. ft. 
Sobotec custom blue
Year of Installation: 2006
Designer: M.C.G.W. Properties Group, 
Ontario, Canada
Fabricator: Sobotec, Ltd.,
 Hamilton, Ontario

Design specifications for a new combined Jiffy Lube automotive maintenance center and Suds Express car wash in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, were clear and concise from the project's inception.  (more…)