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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Arena Design Mimics Eternity Puzzle Using 14,000 Alucobond Panels

Perth Arena, by ARM Architecture and Cameron Chisholm Nicol CCN

Project Name: Perth Arena
Project Location: Perth, Western Australia
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond Plus custom Perth colors
Year of Completion: 2012
Architect: ARM Architecture and Carmeron Chisholm Nicol (CCN)
Fabricator: Alcom Fabricators
Photography Duncan Barnes, Carol Darby, ARM Architecture and CCN
Perth Arena is a sporting and entertainment arena in Western Australia built in a collaborative effort by architecture firms, ARM and Carmeron Chisholm Nicol (CCN). It is designed to mimic the intricacy of an Eternity puzzle with all of the pieces of the façade forming some combination of equilateral and half-triangles. Sources further state that the arena is said to be a modern interpretation of the state’s oldest public building, Round House in Fremantle. (more…)

Helicopter Base Features Uniquely Colorful Facade

NBJ Architects, The Helcopter Group of Civil Security of Nimes-Garons, Photography by Paul Kozlowski Photography courtesy of © Paul Kozlowski To expand their structure for future activity, NBJ Architects created a multi-colored and unconventional design for the helicopter base of The Helicopter Group of Civil Security of Nîmes-Garons. Using a warm color palette, the whimsical exterior includes shades of red, orange and yellow. (more…)