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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Japanese Clinic Features Stunning Stainless Steel Overhangs

M-Clinic by Kubota Architect Atelier, Hiroshima, Japan, Photography by Hiroshi Ueda The M-Clinic by Japanese firm, Kubota Architect Atelier/Katsufumi Kubota, is a three-story medical facility with a small residential space on the top floor. While a distinction is made between the clinic and the stucco and concrete buildings that surround it, an even greater distinction exists within the structure itself. Keeping within the simplistic nature of Japanese design, neutral toned materials were chosen. Additionally, the utilization of light metal and high glass windows showcase a very modern interpretation of minimalistic design. (more…)

Renowned Architects Use Alucobond To Construct Unique Art Museum

Centre Pompidou-Metz, Shigeru Ban + Jean de Gastines, Alucobond Europe, Aluminum Composite, Rolan Halbe, Artur Images

Project Name: Centre Pompidou-Metz
Project Location: Metz, France
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond Pure White
Year of Completion: 2010
Architect: Shigeru Ban + Jean de Gastines
Fabricator: TIM Composites
Photography: Shigeru Ban + Jean de Gastines, Alucobond Europe, Roland Halbe of Artur Images
Japanese born, internationally renowned architect Shigeru Ban is known for his humanitarian efforts and unique modernist design. Recent recipient of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, Ban recognized for the use of innovative materials construct temporary shelters and churches for communities in disaster zones. His projects promote environmental awareness and minimalism in design. (more…)