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Yearly Archives: 2015

Aluminum Headquarters Sits Atop A Forest Of Anodized Aluminum Columns

Aluminum Forest, Micha de Haas Architects, Alucobond Silver Metallic, Aluminum Composite Material The “Aluminum Forest” in Utrecht, Netherlands serves as the headquarters for the country’s aluminum industry. Reflecting the different products and qualities of their domestic aluminum, the building was constructed atop 368 anodized aluminum columns. (more…)

Austrian Hotel Features Bubble Facade With Perforated White Alucobond ACM

Seepark Hotel Lindner, Austria, Trecolore Architects, Alucobond, Bubble Façade, Aluminum Composite The Seepark Hotel Lindner in Klagenfurt, Austria immediately draws attention with its uniquely perforated exterior. The hotel, designed by Trecolore Architects, separates the street and a natural park, which provide serene views for the hotel’s patrons. The curved exterior, known as the bubble façade, was created utilizing white Alucobond aluminum composite material that is mounted in front of the hotel’s balconies. (more…)