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Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Thorough Exploration of The Attachment Systems For Aluminum Composite Panels

Attachment Systems Alucobond Aluminum Composite Material ACMYou have chosen Alucobond for the endless design possibilities that this superior cladding product affords. Now, serious consideration must be given to functionality in terms of how the Alucobond will be attached to the building. Generally speaking, Alucobond is installed in one of three ways: Route and Return Wet Seal, Route and Return Dry Seal, and Rain Screen. While all three of these attachment methods perform very well when engineered, fabricated, and installed properly, there are situations in which one may be more appropriate than another. When choosing an attachment method a designer must consider budget, aesthetics, maintenance, and perhaps most importantly, how the Alucobond will be incorporated and function within the overall wall assembly. (more…)

Alucobond Revives Citylights Towers Outside Paris, France

Citylights, Pont, de, Sevres, Towers, Dominique, Perrault, Alucobond, NaturAL, Paris, Tim, Composites, Photography, Vincent, Fillon, Dominique, Perrault, Architecture, Adagp photo by Vincent Fillon

Project Name: Pont de Sevres Towers (Citylights)
Project Location: Paris, France
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond® naturAL Line
Architect: Dominique Perrault
Fabricator: Tim Composites
Facade Engineer: Goyer
Photography: Andre Morin, Vincent Fillon, Dominique Perrault
A cluster of buildings stand at varying heights shining lights from all angles like a grand illumination in the Boulogne-Billancourt city of France. The Pont de Sèvres Towers aptly renamed, “Citylights,” are part of a complete refurbishment project in the western suburb of Paris, France. The original structure by French design duo, Pierre Roux-Dorlut and Daniel Badani, was built in 1975. But, as the decades passed and the area modernized, Dominique Perrault was commissioned to renovate the isolated buildings into an interconnected and modern design. (more…)