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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Te Oro Combines Ancient Polynesian Culture With Modern Alucobond

Te, Oro, Architect, Archimedia, Alucobond, aluminum, composite, material The new music and arts center, Te Oro, in Auckland, New Zealand combines ancient Polynesian and Maori culture with modern Alucobond aluminum composite material. The name, Te Oro, refers to the natural acoustics made from a nearby volcanic peak known as, Maungarei / Mount Wellington. Wind blows across the 440-foot volcanic peak creating the reverberation the building is named after. The shape of the building even resembles a giant wind instrument; symbolic for the ethnically diverse communities it serves. (more…)

Stunning Dwelling Blends Into Arizona Desert Landscape

Stabb Residence, Chen Suchart Studio, Residential Design, Photography Matt Winquist The beautiful Arizona desert landscape is the venue of Chen + Suchart Studio’s Stabb residence. The futuristic house uses a plethora of natural building materials to enhance, and not defer from its surroundings, taking full advantage of the natural light throughout the day. (more…)