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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Norwegian Hotel Features Extraordinary Cantilevered Alucobond Clad Façade

Clarion Hotel Energy, Stavanger, Norway, Snohetta, Alucobond NaturAL, Anodized, Photography Sindre Ellingsen

Project Name: Clarion Hotel Energy
Project Location: Stavanger, Norway
Alucobond Materials: naturAL Reflect, naturAL Brushed, Anodized Look
Year of Completion: 2014
Architect: Snøhetta
Photography: Sindre Ellingsen & Snøhetta
Hospitality is an incredibly innovative architectural marketplace where groundbreaking design is encouraged. Within a segment of architecture that embraces modernity and unprecedented design elements, it is easy to find true architectural masterpieces. (more…)

Reflective Ceramic Tiles Revamp Primary School Extension In The Village In Mulan

Rural Urban Framework, Hong Kong, Mulan Primary School Extension, Mirrored Ceramic Tiles, Dezeen Reflective building materials have the ability to camouflage a structure. For Rural Urban Framework, the mirrored ceramic tiles of the new primary school toilet block in Mulan offered so much more than concealment. The tiles create a reflective mechanism that toys with light and enables a playful exterior for the school’s children. (more…)