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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Modern Home In Up-And-Coming Canadian Neighborhood Showcases The Influence Of Good Design

Holy Cross House, Canada, Thomas Balaban Architect, TBA, Aluminum Clad Residence, Photography Adrien Williams In a promising Southwest neighborhood in Montreal, Canada sits the Holy Cross House, a modern detached home by Thomas Balaban Architect (TBA). The working class neighborhood is full of standard brick and shingled homes. In an effort to create a diverse façade that would emerge with subtlety, the architects chose a monochromatic exterior approach. (more…)

The Use Of Alucobond Aluminum Composite Cladding In Responsive Architecture

Responsive Facades, Alucobond, Rue de Bercy, Audren et Schlumberger, Photography Manuel Panaget Responsive designs refer to both kinetic and dynamic façades and include non-stagnant building construction. These facades respond to their environment either via technology or manual stimulation. The responsiveness usually facilitates some kind of climatic benefit in which a daylighting or other energy efficiency function is enabled. Although the responsiveness of a façade can be purely aesthetic as well, adding a dimensional characteristic not often seen in architecture. (more…)