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7 Times Architects Transform Aluminum Composite Into Three Dimensional Masterpieces

Uppsala Concert Congress Hall, Henning Larsen Architects, Alucobond Sunrise Silver Metallic, Sweden, STYLEPARK
Aluminum composite material (ACM) is manufactured as flat panels. Architects are then tasked with transforming this flat building material into functional designs. ACM has the ability to be fabricated, routed, cut and curved. It is lightweight and can be manipulated into a variety of shapes. What this flat panel needs is an architect’s foresight to transform it.

origami pavilion, tal friedman, germany, alucobond

Also important, is the role of the fabricator who, in essence, is responsible for the realization of an architect’s design. Due to Alucobond’s commitment to only employ a series of premiere fabricators to manipulate the materials, the skill level of fabricating Alucobond ACM is very high.

Keystone Office, EM2N, Prague Czech Republic, Alucobond, Photo by Simon Menges

Architects often transform a flat panel into extraordinary three-dimensional facades. These buildings utilize the latest fabrication techniques to showcase the malleability and formability of composite panels.

Alucobond, Spectra Seven Clans Casino Red Lake, DSGW Architects

Interestingly, the method of fabrication can also provide numerous benefits to a building allowing sunlight and even sound refraction, providing daylighting and acoustical benefits. Additionally, double layering a facade can provide thermal insulation as well.

C F Moller Architects, Advice House, Commercial Building, Denmark, Alucobond ACM Spectra Cupral, Photography Julian Neyer

In some cases, the ability to add a hint of modernity to an already established building requires the use of a material such as ACM due to its ability to be retrofitted and therefore virtually applied to any existing structure.

C F Moller Architects, Advice House, Commercial Building, Denmark, Alucobond ACM Spectra Cupral, Photography Julian Neyer

Most of the Alucobond finishes have a reflective quality that, when fabricated in a three-dimensional manner, have the ability to change color based on focal viewpoint and varying degrees of sunlight.

BAUHAUS Berlin, Muller Reimann Architekten, Alucobond Plus Brilliant Silver Metallic, Photography by Stefan Muller

Three-dimensional facades have the ability to transform a piece of architecture into a landmark in its own right.

Featured Projects:
Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall, Architect: Henning Larsen, Fabricator: Flex Fassader
Origami Pavilion, Architect: Tal Friedman
Keystone Office, Architect: EM2N, Fabricator: Sipral
Seven Clans Casino Red Lake, Architect: DSGW Architects, Fabricator: Atomic Architectural Sheet Metal
Offices Chevaleret/Re-Architecture, Architect: ARCHIGROUP, Fabricator: TIM Composites
Advice House, Architect: C.F. Møller Architects
Bauhaus Showroom Berlin, Architect: Müller Reimann Architekten, Fabricator: Henke AG

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