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Airport Converted Into Technology Business Hub by Norwegian Architects

IT-Fornebu, A-Lab, Norway, Alucobond, Photography Teknisk Ukeblad

The former site of the Oslo Airport in Norway, closed in the late 1990’s, is now the business hub for technologies company IT-Fornebu. Utilizing the existing airport terminal, the new extension known as the Portal Building, will house the business and incubation center for the company. The company’s hope is to transform this former transport hub into a citywide business hub with the help of the designers at A-lab architecture.

IT-Fornebu, A-Lab, Norway, Alucobond, Photography Terje Lochen, Lochen Media Lab

As with any good office design, people were the major focus of A-lab’s design stating that,

“…the criteria’s were to reduce the volume and waste, provide an effective, efficient and healthy workplace, enhance communications and give a flexible layout. We believe that successful organizations are made of people who are connected and inspired, who learn through collaboration, share ideas and are motivated towards excellence. We imaged a place where people are present and engaged in mind and body.”

IT-Fornebu, A-Lab, Norway, Alucobond, Photography Luis Fonseca

The design concept revolved around the idea of each structure, or component of the design, being clearly defined by its function to create a distinct architectural identity. A multi-functional base was created to combat a height difference between the main street and the existing terminal building.

IT-Fornebu, A-Lab, Norway, Alucobond, Photography Luis Fonseca

Additionally, the project features four office blocks, four supply towers and a cantilevered public hub. The hub is enveloped in custom Mandarin Alucobond aluminum composite material, creating a beautiful juxtaposition between the steel jointed buildings alongside. In addition to the custom ACM, the four rectangular office blocks utilize Anthracite Grey, Light Grey and Black Alucobond ACM under the diamond lattice created with the steel beams.

IT-Fornebu, A-Lab, Norway, Alucobond, Photography Luis Fonseca

A-lab furthers states, “The free-form orange Hub is an exception and has a clear identity, it acts as a strategic element that flues all the activities, highlights the synergy between the existing terminal building and the new IT-Fornebu Portal Building.”

Photography Terje Lochen, Lochen Media Lab, Luis Fonseca, Teknisk Ukeblad

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