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Alucobond Aluminum Composite Used In Modern Mobile Living Units

In recent years there has been significant developments in residential building. There has been a push towards modular, prefabricated, and technological sophistication.

Coodo My Vacation Mobile Living Units Alucobond Alucore

Coodo, the German design firm, has pioneered a portable living system with the capability of being exposed to various climatic conditions. With the use of contemporary building materials and advanced technology, Coodo has created a set of five modular units dedicated to modern design.

Coodo My Vacation Mobile Living Units Alucobond Alucore

Each unit; the multifunctional pavilion, pergola, summer kitchen, mobile living units and residential building, have the ability to be customized, creating a unique user experience. In fact, the unique customization prompted the names of each unit to include the word “my.”The “My Vacation Mobile Living Units” in particular use a wide range of contemporary building materials, which allows the unit to be exposed to various climates.

Each unit is a combination of corian, Alucobond aluminum composite, Alucore, polyester, and wood. The use of natural looking materials allows the unit to blend in with the natural surroundings.

Coodo My Vacation Mobile Living Units Alucobond Alucore

Unlike aluminum composite, Alucore® features a unique honeycomb core that makes it the ideal material for roofing due to its ability to be exposed to extremely high wind conditions.

Additionally, each unit is fully furnished with custom-made furniture, self-sufficient energy technology, and a distant monitoring system/smart house. The combination of modernized building materials, technology, and design make these units truly one-of-a-kind.

All images courtesy of ©Coodo

DISCLAIMER: The following listed samples are not necessarily what was used in the project above. Instead, we have suggested several similar looking finishes below.

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