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Alucobond Bus Station Modernizes Hamburg Public Transportation

Bus Station, Hamburg, Poppenbuttel, Germany, Alucobond, Photographer

Larger than bus stops, station platforms are more focused on user experience and comfort. In addition to a high amount of foot traffic throughout the day they feature a number of amenities including restrooms, shops and waiting areas. The avant-garde Hamburg Bus Station connects the transit rail link and garage with the central pedestrian bridge and is the first design in a series of redevelopment projects for the local transportation system in Poppenbüttel.

Bus Station, Hamburg, Poppenbuttel, Germany, Alucobond, Photographer

To convey a very modern interpretation of public design Blunck + Morgen Architekten created a sculpture-like building with bright white aluminum panels. The wing-shaped structure appears airborne, almost weightless, using steel supports and clad in Alucobond Plus Pure White ACM. The Alucobond cladding is bent along two axes and fabricated into a striking pattern of geometric shapes.

Bus Station, Hamburg, Poppenbuttel, Germany, Alucobond, Photographer

The original station was built in the early 1970s and had limited capacity, which prompted the need for modernization. Once accommodating an average of 20,000 passengers, the new design withstands over 60,000 passengers daily. Awarded “Building of the Year 2009” by the Hamburg Architecture and Engineering Association, the building has been most appreciated for its lightness and transparency.

Photographer © ARCHIMAGE Architectural Photography

DISCLAIMER: The following listed samples are not necessarily what was used in the project above. Instead, we have suggested several similar looking finishes below.

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