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Alucobond ‘The Name Says It All’ Campaign Reinforces Brand’s Respected Reputation

Alucobond, The Name Says It All
“Alucobond® – “The Name Says It All” is the theme of a new product branding campaign introduced by 3A Composites USA to support sales of Alucobond aluminum composite material (ACM) to the architectural market.

This new branding campaign – which focuses on the long-standing and well-respected reputation of the Alucobond ACM brand – will be supported by several marketing communications channels, including: new product literature, an updated website, an increased social media presence and new print ads.

Alucobond was the first ACM introduced to the architectural industry more than 40 years ago and has been instrumental in the design of some of the world’s most unique buildings. Alucobond is specified by architects as high-tech metal cladding for office buildings, hospitals, educational facilities, convention centers, airports and hotels and is utilized to create custom design elements such as entrances, canopies, column covers and interiors as well as corporate identity structures and signage.

Alucobond, The Name Says It All

“The Alucobond product name is so well-known that it is has become synonymous with aluminum composite material,” said Ben Branham, architectural marketing manager, 3A Composites USA. “When architects, designers and fabricators want to incorporate high-tech metal cladding in contemporary building designs or aspire to create signature designs by incorporating complex curves or trapezoids, they ask for Alucobond. We wanted to use this campaign to reinforce exactly why Alucobond is the brand leader – from our investments in continually expanding our line with innovative products to our commitment to customer service excellence and to our development of long-standing business partnerships with only the highest-quality ACM fabricators and installers. When the Alucobond brand is specified, the name really does say it all.”

The Alucobond branding campaign is supported by several marketing communications channels, including:
Product literature. A new 16-page four-color brochure entitled “Alucobond – The Name Says It All” describes Alucobond’s introduction to the architectural market and its evolution to meet the needs of architects focused on creating signature building designs as well as corporate identity structures and signage. Additionally, it focuses on Alucobond’s contributions to sustainable design and its continuous commitment to product quality and innovation.

This design-inspiring brochure is filled with images of unique buildings clad in Alucobond ACM.
The “Alucobond – The Name Says It All” brochure – as well as updated Alucobond color charts and Corporate Identity program information – can be downloaded from the Alucobond USA website. To order printed brochure copies, contact Alucobond by telephone at 1-800-626-3365 or email

Alucobond, The Name Says It All

Alucobond consists of two sheets of 0.020” aluminum thermobonded to a plastic core. Alucobond provides extraordinary flatness and rigidity, excellent formability, low weight and outstanding weather resistance. Alucobond aluminum-faced panels are manufactured with a polyethylene core in a standard 4mm thickness.

With Alucobond – “The Name Says It All.” Alucobond is manufactured in the United States in the Benton, Ky., plant of 3A Composites. The 3A Composites USA headquarters are based in Statesville, N.C. For more information about Alucobond ACM, call 1-800-626-3365 or email

About 3A Composites 
3A Composites employs 2,700 employees in 21 locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is active in manufacturing and commercializing lightweight products for architecture, visual communication, transportation, industrial and wind energy markets. Its well known brands ALUCOBOND®, DIBOND®, FOREX®/SINTRA®, GATOR®, KAPA®, FOME-COR®, ALUCORE®, AIREX® and BALTEK® are the category leaders in the markets served.

© Alucobond is a registered trademark of 3A Composites USA.

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