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Architects Design New Buildings For Dyson Headquarters In Southwest England

Dyson Headquarters, England, Wilkinson Eyre, Dyson Research Limited
London-based architecture firm Wilkinson Eyre was tasked with designing four new facilities for technology powerhouse Dyson at their Wiltshire, England headquarters. The architects worked along side lighting designer Jake Dyson, son of creator James Dyson, to ensure the facilities had the appropriate amount of light for the innovative engineers.

On the outskirts of Malmesbury, a historic market town, the company’s headquarters is just what one would expect from the innovators at Dyson. The campus is bold, shiny and futuristic, the place where pioneering engineers design the world’s most beautiful products.

To rival the headquarters of technology moguls in California’s Silicon Valley, the architects designed the buildings to reflect the Dyson brand, state-of-the-art. Interestingly, the architects at Wilkinson Eyre designed the existing headquarters facilities nearly two decades ago.

Dyson Headquarters, England, Wilkinson Eyre, Dyson Research Limited

One of the four additions, D6, is the facility where the magic happens. The new products are developed here such as the first ever-silent hairdryer. The architects wanted to design a building that prioritized privacy. In an article with Dezeen, the architects describe the building as a “minimal, reflective glass pavilion.”

Dyson Headquarters, England, Wilkinson Eyre, Dyson Research Limited

Using mirrored glass, they created a façade that would allow unobstructed views to the outside and a heavy influx of natural light. To passersby, the building is mirrored, reflecting the lush natural surroundings. Totaling nearly 130,000 square-feet, the building features an abundance of laboratories and collaborative spaces.

Just next to D6 is the Lightning Café, a new canteen with a transparent façade. The café achieved its named from the English Electric Lightning Jet that was restored and hung from the ceiling, this addition purposefully and continuously surrounds employees with innovative ideas.

Dyson Headquarters, England, Wilkinson Eyre, Dyson Research Limited

Wilkinson Founder, Chris Wilkinson, describes, “We have worked with James [Dyson] over a number of years to create a campus which accommodates their changing needs. The latest buildings provide innovative, state-of-the-art design research facilities together with a sizable all-day café and a sports activity center to serve the technical and social needs have there create, young workforce.”

Information courtesy of Dezeen
Photography ©Wilkinson Eyre/Dyson Research Limited

DISCLAIMER: The following project does not feature Alucobond® aluminum composite material (ACM). The “Industry (Architecture)” section of our blog focuses on extraordinary architectural works from around the world. While this project does not feature our ACM, we have included comparable samples to what was used in the project above.

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