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Category Archives: Case Histories

Fair Lawn Community Center

Alucobond, Fair Lawn Community Center, BAMCO, New Jersey

Project Name: Fair Lawn Community Center
Project Location: Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Alucobond Materials: 24,000 sq. ft. of 4mm 
Bone White Color
Year of Installation: 2006
Architect: Allen Weitzman
 Studio 5 Partnership Architects
, Glen Rock, NJ
Fabricator: BAMCO, Inc., 
Middlesex, NJ
Attachment Method: D500 Dry Joint Wall System

Community Center's Contemporary Design Captures Officials' Vision of Town's Future
When officials in the Borough of Fair Lawn, N.J., decided to build a new community center to replace the town’s indoor recreational facilities that were split between two inadequately spaced buildings located at opposite ends of town, there was one overriding goal for the building’s design. READ MORE

1600 Broadway Tower

Alucobond Plus, 1600 Broadway Tower, SLCE Architects, New York City

Project Name: 1600 Broadway Tower
Project Location: New York City, NY
Alucobond Materials: 68,000 Ft² of 4mm Alucobond Plus
 Custom Duranar Whale Gray
Attachment Method: Rout & Return
Year of Installation: 2006
Architect: SLCE Architects, LLP
Fabricator/Installer: Kenneth J. Herman, Inc., 
Amityville, NY
Construction: Turner Construction Co.

Alucobond® ACM Clads Broadway Tower
Tradition holds that there’s nothing quite like celebrating New Year’s Eve as the ball drops in New York City’s Times Square. For any number of residents of 1600 Broadway on the Square, a new 25-story residential condominium and retail tower located on the northern end of the bustling Times Square district, savoring the celebration is as easy as walking out onto their own private balconies.  READ MORE