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Category Archives: Industry (Architecture)

Mirrored Rest Area Becomes Architectural Attraction With Stunning Organic Design

Bukkekjerka Rest Area, Norway, Morfeus Arkitekter, Photography Caroline Stovring Photography ©Caroline Støvring/Morfeus Arkitekter
Along one of the 18 driving routes through the scenic Norwegian landscape is the Bukkekjerka rest area. Designed by Oslo-based studio Morfeus Arkitekter, the structure features a compelling geometric design purposefully mimicking the area’s indigenous rock formations. READ MORE

Modern Home Uses Mirror Finish And Timber Cladding To Blend Into Surroundings

ATLAS Architecture Design, Woodland, Minnesota, House Mirror Shed Contemporary Modern Design, Photography Paul Crosby © Photography Paul Crosby
It is no easy task designing a home within lush surroundings. The contemporary design for the Woodland House by ALTUS Architecture + Design in Woodland, Minnesota utilizes a series of architectural techniques to blend and live harmoniously within the grass and tree-covered landscape it resides. READ MORE