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Category Archives: Industry (Architecture)

Modern Aluminum Addition On Historic London Lane Bridges Old And New

81 Chancery Lane, London, ORMS, Britain Architecture, Mixed Use, Anodized Aluminum Facade, Photography Marcus Peel A debate exists within the architectural community about the relationship between modern and classical architectural styles. Questions come into play in regards to the integrity of the original structure when contemporary additions are made. Often architects will utilize classical or traditional building materials or even cues from historic styles to ensure that integrity. One argument discusses the role of renovation as an opportunity to showcase modern materials and building styles. READ MORE

Creative Agency Creates Series Of Utterly Magnificent Mirrored Designs For Powerhouse Retailer

Bureau Betak, Dior FW16, Cour Carree, Du Louvre, Paris, Designboom
Retail is arguably one of the most competitive marketplaces, causing brands to continuously push boundaries and truly innovate. Dior, one of Europe’s most well-known luxury brands, commissioned Bureau Betak for their Fashion Week (FW16) presentation in Paris. Dior and Bureau Betak have collaborated for years creating a series of captivating interiors for the brand’s Paris runway shows. READ MORE