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Category Archives: Industry (Architecture)

Artist Creates Mirror Labyrinth Above Madison Square Park Visitors

Teresita Fernandez, Fata Morgana, Madison Square Park, designboom, Photography Noboru Morikawa A mirrored labyrinth hovered over passersby in Madison Square Park in New York. The installation by American artist Teresita Fernández featured 500 feet of mirror-polished discs that were assembled in a canopy formation. Madison Square Park’s Mad. Sq. Art presented the ‘Fata Morgana’ show until Winter 2016. The canopy was assembled above the central pathways and recreational areas. READ MORE

Zero Carbon UK Home Blends Into Rural Surroundings With Moveable Reflective Façade

Green Orchard, Bristol, Paul Archer Design, 2011 ©Paul Archer Design
Green Orchard is a stunning zero carbon dwelling in South Gloucestershire, UK by Paul Archer Design. The house sits within a stunning landscape with views of the Severn Estuary. Archer chose a series of building materials that help the home blend instead of deter from its lush surroundings. READ MORE