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Inspiring Timber Canopy Welcomes Visitors To The Garden of Europe

Mecanno, Keukenhof Garden, Netherlands, Timber Canopy
Connecting two built structures, a timber roof and canopy has been erected at the world-famous Keukenhof flower garden. The stepped design of the roof is most visible from afar and was designed by Netherlands architects, mecanoo. The great juxtaposition of timber against the copper fluted exterior complements the structure’s rural surroundings. The canopy’s purposeful triangular form creates a striking interplay of light and shadow and serves as an “impressive gateway to the park,” the architects explain.

Mecanno, Keukenhof Garden, Netherlands, Timber Canopy

Keukenhof, or the Garden of Europe, welcomes over one million international visitors a year. As one of the world’s largest flower gardens, Keukenhof was first opened in 1950. Located in Lisse, Netherlands, the project intentionally utilizes natural building materials in an effort to blend into and not deter from the lush landscape that envelopes the structure.

Mecanno, Keukenhof Garden, Netherlands, Timber Canopy

The architects further describe, “Looking up, you will see Dutch skies above framed by timber triangles. Look down and you will see patterns of triangular shadows on the ground. A fence with a tulip motif marks the beginning of a journey of discovery.”

Mecanno, Keukenhof Garden, Netherlands, Timber Canopy

The triangular roofing system is brought throughout the interior of the restaurant, creating impressive skylights that penetrate with natural daylighting. The ability to transition the canopy through the interior creates a fluidity rarely seen in design. It allows the interior and exterior to blend, creating warmth from the timber ceiling.

Mecanno, Keukenhof Garden, Netherlands, Timber Canopy

Again, the true intention of the design as a whole is most visible from a distance. Yet it is the connection with natural light when viewed from underneath this timber underbelly that creates a truly interactive experience.

Information and photography courtesy of ©mecanno

DISCLAIMER: The following project does not feature Alucobond® aluminum composite material (ACM). The “Industry (Architecture)” section of our blog focuses on extraordinary architectural works from around the world. While this project does not feature our ACM, we have included comparable samples to what was used in the project above.

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