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Stunning Alucobond Clad Bank In Vienna Turns Heads With Unusual Gold Facade

Raiffeisen Finanz Center, Eisenstadt, Alucobond_Gold, Photography Paul Ott

The purpose of Raiffeisen Finance Center inspired the design and shape of the bank building. It’s a corporate building that is a little atypical using metallic Alucobond aluminum sandwich panels to convey coins; a symbol synonymous with the banks company identity. The six-story building is designed to convey luxury to employees, customers, and all that pass by. The architects at Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH submitted the winning design proposal that balances a modern high-tech look with classic style. Part constraint and part ingenuity, the design for the bank building by Pichler & Traupmann Architekten evolved into an encasing figure that encloses all the operations within the facility.

Raiffeisen Finanz Center, Eisenstadt, Alucobond_Gold, Photography Paul Ott

On the west and east side of the bank is a shimmering gold façade made of Alucobond aluminum composite material. Within the Alucobond panels are strategically placed windows creating perforated blocks within the facade. On the north and south side, generous windows opening to enviable views of the city make way for employees to enjoy the scenery and natural sunlight that penetrates the interior. The smaller windows punctuated along the aluminum composite paneling are placed so that glare from the sun is shielded from workers. Inside employees can enjoy shrouds of natural daylight at optimal times. Then, when the glare from the sun becomes too harsh, workers can retreat to the shaded areas of the office. The interior design is organized so that meeting spaces are in open areas, while intimate private spaces are along the edges where the paneling frames the building.

Raiffeisen Finanz Center, Eisenstadt, Alucobond_Gold, Photography Paul Ott

The golden aluminum composite panel façade evokes a presence to all that frequent the building, while the unusual geometric shape ensures prominent lines along the Austrian cityscape. The exterior informs the design for the interior as well, creating a seamless corporate identity with gold metal lining the ceilings. The essence of the design is carried throughout the corporate office from exterior to interior with metal accents.

Raiffeisen Finanz Center, Eisenstadt, Alucobond_Gold, Photography Paul Ott

Vienna is home to an artistic and intellectual legacy shaped by musicians and philosophers. The capital city of Austria is also known for it’s architectural infrastructure that includes: Baroque castles, gardens and grand buildings. With sharp lines wrapping around the building, elaborate golden paneling, and several luxurious balconies opening to the city, the Raiffeisen Finance Center is right at home amongst the city’s famous monuments.

information courtesy of Arch Daily
photography courtesy of © Paul Ott

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