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Architects Design Checkerboard Cantilevered Office Cluster In Norway

Fornebuporten, Dark Arkitekter, Zinc Interior Architects, Alucobond, Photography Hufton Crow In a collaborative effort between Dark Arkitekter and Zinc Interior Architects, the former site of the Oslo airport was transformed into a cluster of office and residential spaces known as Fornebuporten. (more…)

Innovative Student Services Building Clad in Shades of Gold Alucobond

Ngoolark Student Services Building ECU, JCY Architects and Urban Designers, Perth, Australia, 2015, Alucobond Aluminum Composite, Photography Peter Bennetts Photo Peter Bennetts

Project Name: Ngoolark Student Services building
Project Location: Perth, Western Australia
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond® Spectra Desert Gold, Bronze and Gold Metallic
Architect: JCY Architects & Urban Designers
Fabricator: Denmac Pty Ltd.
Photography: Peter Bennetts and Rob Ramsay (see caption under photo)
Several shades of gold shimmer from dark to light, metallic to rose, depending on the way the sun hits the new Ngoolark Student Services building. It is a shimmering, golden façade, demanding attention in Perth, western Australia. The project, reaching six levels, is named after the endangered white tailed black cockatoo, indigenous to the area. Ngoolark stands as an impressive civic building that has brought together the many functions the campus building serves. (more…)