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Award-Winning Commercial Office Space Promotes User Well-Being With Sustainable Design

Project Name: Sky’s Believe in Better Building, BSkyB
Project Location: Osterly, West London, UK
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond® Sunrise Silver Metallic
Architect: Arup Associates
Fabricator: Sotech Optima
Photography: Simon Kennedy

Sky’s Believe in Better Building is a four-story commercial office space by Arup Associates; reciprocate of the 2014 Wood in Architecture Award. The office and training facility was designed with community in mind and the promotion of improved well-being amongst users with flexible office spaces to enhance creativity.

Alucobond Used In Modern Extension Of Classically Restored Building

Project Name: Gwent Records Archive, Steelworks Road, Ebbw Vale
Project Location: Ebbw Vale, UK
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond Spectra Light Grey, Indiana Copper
Architect: Stride Treglown
Fabricator/Installer: Booth Muirie Ltd / Severn Insulation Co Ltd, UK Construction
Photography: Booth Muirie / Photosignals @

Established in 1780, Ebbw Vale steelworks became the largest steel mill in Europe by the 1930s, when steel became a commodity during World War II. Upon the mill’s closure, due to a merger, in 2002, the building was set for demolition, but instead became part of a £350 million regeneration project that allowed the site to keep almost all of its buildings.

Alucobond Expands Into New Market With Artisanal Crafted Tables

Project Name: Tisc Side and Coffee Tables
Alucobond Materials: Various
Year of Completion: 2014
Designer: Hellen Westerhof
Photography: Nico Battiston

Frankfurt-based product designer Hellen Westerhof, of Westerhof Design, recently completed a captivating series of tables using Alucobond aluminum composite material (ACM). The tri-colored “Tisc” side and coffee tables were featured in German architecture and design publication, Architektur & Wohnen (A&W) magazine, where Westerhof is nominated for the “A&W Designtalent Award 2015.”

Retail Showroom Wows With Three-Dimensional Metallic Alucobond

Project Name: Bauhaus Fachcentrum Berlin
Project Location: Berlin, Germany
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond Plus, Brilliant Silver Metallic
Year of Completion: 2014
Architect: Müller Reimann Architekten
Fabricator: Henke AG
Photography: Stefan Müller courtesy of Müller Reimann Architekten

The first BAUHAUS store opened in Germany, 1960, the retail chain now spans the scope of European territory with 190 stores. BAUHAUS, which is German for to build (bau) and house (haus), is a home improvement, gardening and hardware chain that recently completed their latest showroom that sits on the western beginning of Berlin’s most famous avenue, Kurfurstendamm, or Ku-damm by locals. While the Ku-damm is full of shops, hotels, restaurants and retail showrooms the BAUHAUS attracts attention with its three-dimensional Alucobond aluminum composite façade.