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Stunning Work By Young Architects Uses Mirrored Aluminum Panels In Serpentine Design

Guillermo Hevia Garcia, Nicolas Urzua, Your Reflection, MoMA Young Architects Program Santiago, Mirrored Art Installation, Photography Cristobal Palma Photography © Cristobal Palma
For the Santiago edition of MoMA’s Young Architects Program, Chilean architects Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa created Your Reflection a mirrored installation that hides a wondrous garden oasis in the middle of the city’s Parque Araucano. (more…)

Architects Create A Unique User Experience For College Verandah Using Playful Palette Of Building Materials

James Cook University, JCU Verandah Walk, Wilson Architects, Alucobond PLUS naturAL Reflect, Photography Andrew Rankin Wilson Architects recently completed the Verandah Walk, a pedestrian and cyclist link through the regional campus of James Cook University. The Verandah Walk South Node, the first stage of the project, connects the Education Central building and the campus’ Eddie Koiki Mabo Library. (more…)

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