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RiverView II, Chicago

Alucobond Plus, RiverView II, Sobotec, Chicago

Project Name: RiverView II
Project Location: Chicago, Illinois
Alucobond Materials: 48,000 sq. ft. of 4mm 
Alucobond Plus Custom Duranar Green
Year of Installation: 2005
Architect: DeStefano and Partners, Ltd.
, Chicago
Fabricator: Sobotec Ltd.
, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Installer: Arcadia Products Inc., 
Northbrook, Illinois
Attachment Method: Sobotec SL-1000
 caulked system
Alucobond Plus Material accents RiverView II, a luxury condominium tower on the north bank of the Chicago River overlooking Lake Michigan. With a final completion date of April 2005, RiverView II connects to a previously constructed, and smaller, first phase tower. (more…)

Regal Cinema

Alucobond, Regal Cinema, Ohio

Project Name: Regal Cinema
Project Location: Crocker Park, Ohio
Alucobond Materials: 3,000 sq. ft. of 
Alucobond Material in 4mm
 Kynar 3-coat
 Silver Metallic finish
Year of Installation: 2005
Architect: Bialosky + Partners
, Cleveland, OH
Fabricator: Royalton Architectural Fabrication Inc.
, North Royalton, OH
Installer: Carroll Glass & Maintenance Co.
, Cleveland, OH
Attachment Method: Royaltech 3000 dry joint 
rain screen system
Cinema Marquee Shines and Relates The cinema marquee at the Regal Cinema in Crocker Park, OH, (reference Westlake, OH) shines with its neon and lighted signage reflecting off its tasteful, sophisticated terraced tower of Alucobond® composite metal panels. The marquee was designed to be "reminiscent of the Art Deco style of the 1920s and '30s," according to Paul Deutsch, AIA, Principal of Bialosky + Partners Architects of Cleveland, Ohio. The marquee draws attention, and movie fans, to the cinema as a diverse mix of other materials -- including stucco, GRC (glass fiber reinforced cement), brick, and glass - add to the building's visual interest. Retail storefronts in Crocker Park are designed to the needs of each tenant, while the overall design aesthetic results in "an exciting urban street level experience." (more…)