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German Home Gets Modern Revamp With Reflective Paneled Funhouse Exterior

Wz2, Bernd Zimmermann, Reflective Mirror Home Design, Photography Valentin Wormbs When contemporizing an existing 1950’s home in Germany, architect Bernd Zimmermann took an unconventional approach. Unable to change the home’s exterior orientation, he utilized innovative interior voids and retrofit the residence in a reflective cladding. The home, now enveloped in a polished stainless steel material, slightly distorts its surroundings. (more…)

Golden Egg Sauna Reserves Reflective Space For Community Discussions

Bigert Bergstrom, Solar Egg, Riksbyggen, Sauna, Art Installation, Sweden, Jean Baptiste Beranger The Solar Egg by Bigert & Bergstrom (B&B) is a public art installation and sauna in Kiruna, Sweden. The gold plated egg is part of an urban transformation project commissioned by developer Riksbyggen. Kiruna is going through some monumental transformations, which will allow for the mining company LKAB to extract the area’s most crucial resource, iron ore, beneath the town. (more…)