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Waves Of White Aluminum Unites Sky And Earth On Venice Home Exterior

Wave House, Architect Mario Romano, Venice, Italy, Aluminum Facade, Photography Jason Speth

Rounded edges under a rolling roof make waves on the eye-catching creation by designer Mario Romano, but the real star of the show is the tailor-made cloak of white aluminum. The Venice home earned the nickname “Wave House” with its brilliant white skin against an island city. The Romano design resembles an organic sculpture boasts influences from Zaha Hadid’s signature curves, but achieves a unique feat of connecting the sky and Earth in one swift move.

Wave House, Architect Mario Romano, Venice, Italy, Aluminum Facade, Photography Jason Speth

Traditionally built homes can be described as “analog” when compared to the digitally rendered house by Romano –words like roof are replaced with fins, river lines and feathers. Mathematically shaped, using digital technology, the skin was rolled and unrolled to create over 300 unique pieces. The undulating strips were attached to a complex metal substructure custom-made for the project. Each piece was assembled at exactly one and three/forth inches apart – adding eye-catching drama to an already stunning structure.

Wave House, Architect Mario Romano, Venice, Italy, Aluminum Facade, Photography Jason Speth

The front entrance is made of recycled skateboard decks and leads into a living room with a 14-foot tall ceiling. Moving into the rear open space, rippling waves stack the two stories creating an intricately overlapping rain screen. The cascading strips are as beautiful as they are functional, keeping the home dryer and cooler by allowing optimal air circulation. Shadows caste off the angled “feathers” to create constantly changing shapes on the outdoor space. Two nine-foot tall sliding glass walls lead into the courtyard and create an open spacious experience.

Wave House, Architect Mario Romano, Venice, Italy, Aluminum Facade, Photography Jason Speth

The same technology used to create automobiles, aircrafts, and boats was used to create the calculated shapes of The Wave House. Romano relied on innovative technology to connect with the beauty of nature’s organic geometry. From the street, the painted aluminum flows seamlessly from the ground to two-stories up, then stacks like plumage in the back. The natural elements follow the design inside where the floors and walls are decorated with patterns inspired by nature.

The five-bedroom and four-bathroom house is on the market for a cool $6.5 million and is flanked by a prestigious Rose Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard in Venice. The designer envisions the home with a convenient ground-floor guest suite, enclosed yards, and bedrooms upstairs going to a family to settle into for a long time.

Photography © Jason Speth
information courtesy of Curbed

DISCLAIMER: The following project does not feature Alucobond® aluminum composite material (ACM). The “Industry (Architecture)” section of our blog focuses on extraordinary architectural works from around the world. While this project does not feature our ACM, we have included comparable samples to what was used in the project above.

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      This article is part of our industry section where we post projects that could be aluminum composite material, but they are not necessarily ACM. With that said, we have comparable products we can provide as samples. If you send me your location I can have a sales representative reach out to you. Were you interested in the white or silver Alucobond sample, or another?

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