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“Our offering of AXCENT flat stock in complementary colors to ALUCOBOND PLUS supports the overall vision & design aesthetics of projects by providing a more cohesive color palette.”

ALUCOBOND AXCENT is a solid .040” gauge flat aluminum sheet that is excellent for building projects requiring a painted metal trim or accent applications. As a thicker metal sheet, it’s the ideal building trim for rooflines as well as high-traffic window and door areas. AXCENT offers the perfect finishing touch to projects clad in complementary ALUCOBOND PLUS finishes.

The versatile characteristics of ALUCOBOND AXCENT provide for a plethora of applications such as parapet caps, column covers, canopies, soffits and metal trim, allowing architects to offer inspiring and innovative designs while meeting the standards of sustainable planning.

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Matching the Standard

AXCENT offers a perfect complement to the ALUCOBOND PLUS panel system. As a single skin metal sheet available in 69 stock and made-to-order finishes, AXCENT expands design possibilities. The aluminum sheets are painted to complement our composite panels for uses at flashing and roof lines, parapets, canopies, and windows.  Almost all our high-quality finishes for composite panels are available with AXCENT, ensuring color continuity throughout the façade.

Canopies & Soffits

The 0.040” thickness of AXCENT provides the rigidity to be formed into soffit panels in certain applications. They can be roll formed or pressed to add strength and to create interlocking joints. Additionally, the sheets can be easily ventilated to increase airflow.

Flashing & Roof Caps

AXCENT is easily formed in a variety of machines to create the perfect cap to your ALUCOBOND design. Our high quality finishes will meet your project needs for a complementary finish to your ALUCOBOND PLUS panel system.

Painted Metal Trim

AXCENT is the perfect complement to the ALUCOBOND PLUS panel system. The aluminum sheets are painted with our high quality finishes to complement our composite panels for multiple uses. When used as a trim, the sheets are pre-formed to the proper dimensions and end conditions.


Thickness 0.040"
Width 48"
Length (Stock / Custom) 120" / 64" - 400"
Solids *
Micas / Metallics *
- Stocked
- On Request
* - Most solid, mica, and metallic finishes are stocked, however some are considered "made-to-order" & subject to 2000 sf minimum & lead times.
Please reference the ALUCOBOND AXCENT color chart for more details.
Property Standard Unit Value
Product Thickness in 0.040" (nominal)
Weight lb/ft2 0.56
Standard Width in 48"
Available Length in 120"
Aluminum Alloy ASTM B 209 3003, 3104, or 3105
Yield Strength ASTM E 8 ksi >19
Ultimate Tensile Strength ASTM E 8 ksi 20-31
Minimum Bending Radius 1-T (no cracking)
Brinell Hardness ASTM E 10 40