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The projects on this page are possible examples of the end-use of ALUCOBOND®. To see previous projects of a specific color, enter the ALUCOBOND® finish into the search bar above (ex. Statuary Bronze).

New International Spy Museum’s Design Exudes Intrigue, Features Custom Dark ALUCOBOND® Plus Cladding
Peter Marino Designs Luxury Bespoke Building in the Heart of Manhattan’s Art District
New Zealand Residential Tower Wows With Various ALUCOBOND PLUS Custom Colors
Architects Design Striking Mixed Use Residential Building In Sought After New Jersey Neighborhood
German Headquarters Showcases Company’s Commitment To Innovation With Ultra Modern Design
Vancouver Residential Tower Boasts Dimensional Facade With ALUCOBOND PLUS
Metro Station Attracts Passersby With Iridescent Alucobond Spectra Facade
Stunning Extension Designed For Textile Company In Austria Using Perforated Alucobond PLUS Material
Architects Envelop Office Building In Lustrous ALUCOBOND PLUS naturAL Copper Finish
Largest Timber Housing Estate In Switzerland Uses An Anodized Alucobond Aluminum Shell
Iridescent Alucobond Clad Facade Is The Latest Addition To Vancouver’s Health And Technology District
UK Fabricators Retrofit Their Office To Showcase Their Abilities With Alucobond PLUS Material
Cultural Facility In Karratha Mimics Signature Hills With Stunning Terracotta Alucobond Façade
Colossal Mall In Russia Invites Shoppers With Three-Dimensional Alucobond Spectra Facade
LEED Office Building Emerges With Impressive Custom Copper And White Alucobond Façade
French Theatre Becomes Cultural Epicenter With Extraordinary Design Using Iridescent Alucobond
Beautifully Intricate Hexagonal Exterior Designed With Alucobond PLUS To Mimic Chemical Structure
Architects Design Beautifully Iridescent Canteen For School Campus In Paderborn
Alucobond PLUS Aids Architects In Kinetic Façade That Transforms Gentilly Office Building
Nike NYC Garage Features Abundance Of Prominent Graffiti Artists And Custom Alucobond Panels
Colorful Aluminum Exterior Mimics Cascading Waterfall In Lively Mixed-Use Design
Parq Resort And Casino Blends Seamlessly Into Vancouver Urban Landscape With Impressive Design
Futuristic Home Features Iridescent Alucobond Spectra In Impressive Abstract Exterior
Australian Home Features Stunning Alucobond PLUS Roof That Mimics Gum Leaf Design
Woven Commercial Facade Features Newest Alucobond PLUS naturAL series Terra
Stunning Romanian Hotel Features Modern Day Fresco And Alucobond PLUS Exterior Elements
Architects Create A Unique User Experience For College Verandah Using Playful Palette Of Building Materials
Architects Design Contemporary Library With Custom Copper-Looking Alucobond PLUS
Australian Company Headquarters Boasts Innovative Design With Alucobond PLUS
Incredible Twisted High Rise Uses Custom Alucobond PLUS Finish In Iridescent Design
Architects Design Futuristic Research Facility Enveloped In Silver Alucobond PLUS
College Aquatic Center Features Alucobond PLUS Color-Changing Spectra Exterior
High-Rise Serves As District’s Epicenter With Dimensional Anodized Alucobond Facade
Elementary School Blends Into Vancouver Urban Fabric With Alucobond PLUS
LEED Platinum University Innovation Hub Features Alucobond PLUS Exterior
Energy Efficient Primary School Uses Bright White Alucobond Plus And Responsive Sunshading System
Architects Design Incredible Serpentine Awning With Diamond Shaped Alucobond PLUS Panels
Alucobond Plus Tilted Roof Helps Office Space Break The Traditional Commercial Mold
Historic Building Receives Modern Upgrade And Visually Detached Alucobond Plus Extension
Art Gallery Receives Much Needed Contemporary Facelift With Alucobond Spectra
Color-Changing Alucobond Plus Used To Create Hotel’s Three-Dimensional Window Frames
Alucobond Enveloped Library Is The Collaborative Effort of Local and Internationally Renowned Architecture Firms
Multi-Use Medical Center Uses Vibrant, Color Changing Alucobond Panels
Architects Design Checkerboard Cantilevered Office Cluster In Norway
Norwegian Hotel Features Extraordinary Cantilevered Alucobond Clad Façade
French Architects Restore Building In Paris With Three Dimensional Metallic Alucobond
Small Alucobond Cabin On A Slovenian Snowy Mountaintop Defies Gravity
European Pavilion Features Bright White Alucobond Sloping Façade
Addition Of Geometric Alucobond Creates Modern Exterior For Australian Residence
Alucobond NaturAL Copper Creates Undeniable Luster On UK Headquarters
New LEED Gold Jubilee House Given Durable Alucobond Facade
Midnight Copper Alucobond ACM Sparkles On New Yorkshire High School
Sleek Wine Cellar Evokes Elegance With Alucobond NaturAL
Sydney Home Transformed Into Modern Residence With White Alucobond
Het Anker Community Center Makes A Statement With Metallic Alucobond
Te Oro Combines Ancient Polynesian Culture With Modern Alucobond
Stunning Alucobond Clad Bank In Vienna Turns Heads With Unusual Gold Facade
Zaha Hadid Designs Commercial Office Structure Clad In Alucobond Plus
Cutting-Edge Corporate Design Clad in Alucobond NaturAL Achieves LEED Gold
Alucobond Revives Citylights Towers Outside Paris, France
Innovative Student Services Building Clad in Shades of Gold Alucobond
Architects Produce Folded Alucobond Pavilion Inspired By Paper Origami
Architects Design Beautiful Coastal Home Using An Array of Neutral Building Materials
UK Student Housing Seeks Contemporary Development With Alucobond Exterior Panels
Color Shifting Alucobond Office Building Becomes Landmark In Business District
Alucobond Cladding Used On Futuristic Footbridge To New London Flagship Station
French City Hall Gets Contemporary Makeover With Metal Exterior Facades
Architects Design School Focused On Sustainability And Fostering Community
Kazakhstan’s Pavilion at the Milano Expo Shines With Alucobond NaturAL Reflect
Energy Company Headquarters Becomes First LEED Platinum Office Building In Canada
Aluminum Headquarters Sits Atop A Forest Of Anodized Aluminum Columns
Austrian Hotel Features Bubble Facade With Perforated White Alucobond ACM
Airport Converted Into Technology Business Hub by Norwegian Architects
Sheltering Disk For Transport Hub Uses Custom Alucobond ACM In Award Winning Project
Playful Pavilion Attracts Visitors With Charred Timber, Alucobond, And Interactive Pixel Wall
LEED Platinum Commercial Building Sets Energy and Design Standards In Europe
Architects Create Sparkling Oasis For Residential Complex In Utrecht
Beautiful Vacation Home By Lake Constance Clad In Anodized Alucobond Plus
Alucobond ACM Provides Sound And Sun Barrier For Building
Spectra Office Pod Makes The Traditional Home Office Obsolete
Silver Alucobond Louvers Provide Innovative Daylighting To Facade
Alucobond Used In Modern Extension Of Classically Restored Building
Alucobond Expands Into New Market With Artisanal Crafted Tables
Retail Showroom Wows With Three-Dimensional Metallic Alucobond
Renowned Architects Use Alucobond To Construct Unique Art Museum
Alucobond Brushed Aluminum Gives Denmark House of Music Soul
Alucobond Spectra And Manipulated Glass Transform College Facility
Moscow School of Management Inspired By Geometric Abstract Artwork
Three Dimensional Facade Transforms Historic City With Alucobond
Arena Design Mimics Eternity Puzzle Using 14,000 Alucobond Panels
School Clad In 17,000 Triangular Anodized Alucobond Panels
Organic Showroom Design Created With Bright White ACM and Glass
The Swarm Creates The Illusion Of Flocking Birds Using Alucobond ACM
Anodized Alucobond Office Building Is Inspired by Czech Cubism
Water Tower Converted Into Luxury Home With Dark Grey Alucobond
Alucobond Bus Station Modernizes Hamburg Public Transportation
Alucobond Clad Headquarters Brings Light To Dark Part Of Culture
Alucobond Spectra Green Panels Used On Literally Green Building
Mirrored Aluminum Clad Building Reflects Natural Landscape
Alucobond Composite Panels Give Penthouse Sleek and Futuristic Look
Alucobond Aluminum Composite Used In Modern Mobile Living Units