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Wooden Building Is Constructed Using Entirely Recycled Materials

Circular Pavilion, Encore Heureux, Photography Cyrus Cornut When exploring the concept of sustainable architecture or environmentally responsible design one immediately presumes building efficiency. Efficient buildings are ones in which materials are chosen for lifespan, they also utilize a small amount of resources for functions such as heating, cooling, and energy usage. An interesting concept, currently being explored in Paris, is the idea of designing a structure made entirely of unused and unwanted materials, creating a new definition for how we interpret sustainable design. READ MORE

Addition Of Geometric Alucobond Creates Modern Exterior For Australian Residence

Euston Street Residence, Malvern, Australia, 2bscene Design, Knight Building Group, Alucobond Smoke Silver Metallic, Photography Fabricator Iskandar Construction

Project Name: Euston Street Residence
Project Location: Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Alucobond Materials: Smoke Silver Metallic
Architect/Designers: 2bscene Design
Fabricator/Installer: Iskandar Construction
Builder: Knight Building Group
Construction: ENV Constructions
Photography: Iskandar Construction

Residential dwellings that employ Alucobond aluminum composite cladding have a unique appearance. Particularly prominent in Australia, the use of ACM in the US residential market is less established. The Australian residential market however utilizes ACM for its light weight, durability and modern aesthetic. Often seen in whites and neutral colors, the use of metallic ACM is seen even less often, making the Euston Street Residence an incomparable design. READ MORE