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French Architects Restore Building In Paris With Three Dimensional Metallic Alucobond

Offices Chevaleret, Re Architecture, ARCHIGROUP, Alucobond Grey Metallic, Photography Thierry Favatier

Project Name: Offices Chevaleret/Re-Architecture
Date: 2016
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond Grey Metallic
Fabricator: TIM Composites
Photography: Thierry Favatier and Milène Servelle (see below image)

Architect Maurice Novarina built the original building, Offices Chevaleret, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris in 1974. Interestingly, the architect’s son and grandson, also architects, played a role in the building’s major renovation completed in 2016. The renovation, completed by ARCHIGROUP, pays homage to the original structure, per the request of Novarina’s relatives. READ MORE

Striking Golden Facade Uses 3D Fabricated Panels To Mimic A Gold Nugget

Goud Souk, Gold, Beverwijk, Netherlands, Liong Lie Architects, Leaders Against Routine, Hannah Anthonysz Completed in 2014, Liong Lie Architects, in collaboration with Leaders Against Routine, erected the cave-inspired Gold souk building in Beverwijk, Netherlands. The nearly 115-foot long façade has a captivating exterior that is fitting to the building’s ultimate purpose. The retail space was designed for gold dealers and goldsmiths who gather on a weekly basis along the Goudstraat or Goldstreet at the Eastern Market of the Bazaar, the architects explain. READ MORE