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Stainless Steel Panels Shimmer On Two Sculptural Tubes In Rhike Park

Rhike, Park, music, theater, studio, fuksas, tbilisi, georgia, stainless steel, designboom
Images of a new cultural arena were recently debuted from Italian architecture studio Fuksas. Known worldwide, Massimiliano Fuksas has over 40 years of experience developing innovative building designs. The tubular buildings built for Rhike Park, in Tbilisi, Georgia, are anything but ordinary. They house a musical theater and an exhibition hall totaling nearly 33,000 square feet. READ MORE

The Critical Importance Of Aluminum Composite Fire Performance On High-Rise Buildings

Olume Apartments, Arquitectonica, Keith Panel Systems, Alucobond Plus naturAL, LEED Silver Certification, Photography Daniel Lunghi Photograph by Daniel Lunghi
The fire performance of aluminum composite material (ACM) systems on the facade of a building is extremely critical now; recent global fire events have heightened the awareness of ACM creating concerns regarding occupant safety, as well as property loss. An ACM system’s ability to mitigate the risk caused by fire is increasingly important as innovative design-oriented goals of sustainability and energy efficiency requirements have emerged. The building envelope is now challenged to respond to the movement of heat, air, and water over the life of the building. As a result, ACM cladding systems must allow for this flexibility as well, adding to the complexity of the fire performance in the exterior wall assembly. READ MORE