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Architects Design Contemporary Library With Custom Copper-Looking Alucobond PLUS

Northside Library, NBBJ, Ohio, Sobotec, Alucobond Plus, Custom ACM, Photography Chuck Choi Photograph © Chuck Choi
New construction has some unique advantages, allowing an architect a clean slate in which to erect their envisioned design. For library construction, as a public use facility, architects are treating these buildings as epicenters where people can meet and enjoy their love of reading. READ MORE

Architects Create Extraordinary Fluid Structure Enveloped In Stainless Steel

PANEUM, Wunderkammer des Brotes, Austria, Coop Himmelblau Architects, Stainless Steel Shingles, Photography Markus Pillhofer Photograph ©Markus Pillhofer
Powerhouse Austrian architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au is revered on an international level for their extraordinary architectural feats. The firm’s design principal and CEO Wolf D. Prix founded the company in 1968 and since has expanded the firm into a well-renowned global influencer, with offices in Vienna, London and Los Angeles. READ MORE

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