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Color-Changing Alucobond Plus Used To Create Hotel’s Three-Dimensional Window Frames

Novotel Wembley Olympic Way, London, HTA Design, Booth Muirie, Alucobond Spectra, Richard Gooding There are a number of benefits to modular building including the ease of construction, as the materials are prefabricated off-site, and the reduction of on-site waste and sizing. Additionally, prefabrication leaves less room for on-site human error. READ MORE

Inspiring Timber Canopy Welcomes Visitors To The Garden of Europe

Mecanno, Keukenhof Garden, Netherlands, Timber Canopy Connecting two built structures, a timber roof and canopy has been erected at the world-famous Keukenhof flower garden. The stepped design of the roof is most visible from afar and was designed by Netherlands architects, mecanoo. The great juxtaposition of timber against the copper fluted exterior complements the structure’s rural surroundings. The canopy’s purposeful triangular form creates a striking interplay of light and shadow and serves as an “impressive gateway to the park,” the architects explain. READ MORE

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