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The Critical Importance Of Aluminum Composite Fire Performance On High-Rise Buildings

Olume Apartments, Arquitectonica, Keith Panel Systems, Alucobond Plus naturAL, LEED Silver Certification, Photography Daniel LunghiPhotograph by Daniel Lunghi

STATEMENT: The Grenfell Tower fire in London was an unimaginable tragedy and we send our deepest condolences to all who have been affected.Alucobond® manufactured by 3A Composites was not the cladding used on the Grenfell Tower.3A Composites understands the importance and essential role building materials play in fire safety.  Alucobond®, on an international scale, is a responsible manufacturer that supports and endorses stringent building regulations and fire safety codes.Systems using Alucobond Plus by 3A Composites have successfully completed NFPA 285 multistory fire tests.Below you will find an in depth blog article on Aluminum Composite Fire Performance On High-Rise Buildings.
The fire performance of aluminum composite material (ACM) systems on the facade of a building is extremely critical now; recent global fire events have heightened the awareness of ACM creating concerns regarding occupant safety, as well as property loss. An ACM system’s ability to mitigate the risk caused by fire is increasingly important as innovative design-oriented goals of sustainability and energy efficiency requirements have emerged. The building envelope is now challenged to respond to the movement of heat, air, and water over the life of the building. As a result, ACM cladding systems must allow for this flexibility as well, adding to the complexity of the fire performance in the exterior wall assembly. READ MORE

A Thorough Exploration of The Attachment Systems For Aluminum Composite Panels

Attachment Systems Alucobond Aluminum Composite Material ACMYou have chosen Alucobond for the endless design possibilities that this superior cladding product affords. Now, serious consideration must be given to functionality in terms of how the Alucobond will be attached to the building. Generally speaking, Alucobond is installed in one of three ways: Route and Return Wet Seal, Route and Return Dry Seal, and Rain Screen. While all three of these attachment methods perform very well when engineered, fabricated, and installed properly, there are situations in which one may be more appropriate than another. When choosing an attachment method a designer must consider budget, aesthetics, maintenance, and perhaps most importantly, how the Alucobond will be incorporated and function within the overall wall assembly. READ MORE