Whether transforming your corporate kitchen, upgrading your multifamily shower surround, or retrofitting your convenience store, Monarc offers a plethora of design options without sacrificing durability.

MONARC delivers a striking visual appearance inspired by natural elements, while providing an extremely flat, durable, and waterproof panel. Enjoy the natural look of stone, wood, and metals for a fraction of the cost and weight. MONARC provides easy handling and installation, and lower maintenance compared to real stone, wood, or metal.

Monarc is for Interior Applications Only!

Features & Benefits

Realistic, high quality appearance of natural elements, without the cost and maintenance of the real thing

High Quality Appearance

State of the art technology allows for the transfer of high resolution digital images to the premium surface of MONARC to create a finish that gives the appearance of authentic stone or wood.

Easy Installation

The thin panel of MONARC doesn’t require any trim work or grouting, and provides a significant weight reduction allowing for easier handling and installation. It can also be easily cut and fabricated for custom application.

Low Maintenance

MONARC offers exceptional dent resistance and flatness, and can be cleaned with common household cleaners. Our high quality finishes are resistant to fading and surface damage for easy maintenance.

Wet Wall Applications

Waterproof properties make an ideal choice for use in bath and shower enclosures, kitchen backsplash, and laundry room applications.

Material Composition

Constructed of two sheets of .012” aluminum bonded to a fire retardant mineral core in a continuous extrusion process, creating a rigid and durable aluminum composite panel specially designed for wet wall applications.

Fire & Electrical Rated

Self-Extinguishing; Class A Fire Rating. UL 94V-0.


Lighter than traditional construction materials allowing for easier handling & faster installation.


Can be cold formed in a pyramid roller or press brake to create dramatic curves or fit custom shape applications.

Flatness & Rigidity

Meet design intent with its high strength-to-weight ratio.

“MONARC can come in nearly limitless elegant, modern and natural designs. I think as a designer that is one of the things I like most about it. You can create the exact style and color palette you’re looking for. Whether you’re using it as a backsplash or feature wall application, it provides a beautiful focal point that everyone notices right away.”

Kristina Rhoades
Director of Design & Product Development - The Studio, Patrick Design Center

MONARC Room Visualizer

1. Choose Your Application

Monarc Application - Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding Bathtub

Monarc Application - Feature/Lobby Wall

Feature/Lobby Wall

Monarc Application - Residential Kitchen

Residential Kitchen

Monarc Application - Electric Fireplace Surrounds

Electric Fireplace Surrounds

Monarc Application - Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Monarc Application - Reception / Hospitality

Reception / Hospitality

Monarc Application - Restaurant


Monarc Application - Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Monarc Application - Column Wraps 1

Column Wraps 1

Monarc Application - Kitchen Hood

Kitchen Hood

Monarc Application - Retail Waiting Area

Retail Waiting Area

Monarc Application - Hospitality Shower

Hospitality Shower

Monarc Application - Residential Shower

Residential Shower

Monarc Application - Residential Bathtub

Residential Bathtub

Monarc Application - Elevator Cab

Elevator Cab

Monarc Application - Column Wraps 2

Column Wraps 2

2. Choose Your Finish

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