HiCAD is a fully 3-D CAD modeling software, with a large library of pre-programed ALUCOBOND PLUS panel conditions. The software easily converts drawings from 2-D to 3-D and contains pre-loaded elements that include panels, extrusions, corner connects and fasteners. The features can allow fabricators and installers of ALUCOBOND PLUS panels to increase the accuracy of their bids and speed up their work flow.


"We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the ISD group and HiCAD program. The support that we receive from ISD is timely and detailed. Their training sessions were well crafted and provided our team with immediate real-world situations to practice in the program. The HiCAD program offers a high level of detail and customization in the development of fully 3D models. It has allowed us to design our projects more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy than before. This is resulting in more efficiency in our engineering, fabrication, and installation teams."

- Jason Miller, Penn State Construction