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These details are for conceptual purposes only. The actual design, panel system, fabrication and installation are not provided by 3A Composites USA. ALUCOBOND is sold to a network of qualified fabricators and installers who provide the installed system. 3A Composites does not make any warranties, express or implied including merchantability and fitness for purpose.

Before using the details below, please consult with your ALUCOBOND Sales Manager. These are NTS (not to scale) and generic in nature. Details are likely to vary by project and fabricators’ methods.

Exterior Systems

Rainscreen Male/Female
Rainscreen Male/Female with CI
Wet Seal

Interior Systems

Face Fastened
Edge Capture

ALUCOBOND® EasyFix (Exteriors, Interiors)

135°/90° Horizontal Top to Bottom Install
135°/90° Horizontal Bottom to Top Install
135°/90° Vertical Install


2in. System

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Rainscreen Male/Female

The progressive rainscreen system utilizes male-female connections to provide a quick installation process on the job site. Fasteners are hidden inside the panel joints and insert panels fill the joints with a matching finish.

Rainscreen Male/Female with Continuous Insulation (CI)

The continuous insulation option allows for the wall assembly to meet the prescribed requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 and other environmental codes. Given the lightweight nature of the system, it can be installed on top of the architect's choice of thru-insulation attachment systems with very few limitations.

Wet Seal

The wet seal system also has no visible fasteners just as the rainscreen system. It utilizes performance silicones at each joint to create a vapor barrier at the face of the panel, whereas the rainscreen systems permit water into the cavity and weep it out the bottom of the panels.