The Anodized Collection

ALUCOBOND PLUS Anodized* finishes offer increased durability and abrasion resistance due to the protective, transparent aluminum oxide layer formed in the anodizing process. The Anodized Collection highlights the intrinsic clarity and beauty of aluminum while providing an enhanced level of surface protection in addition to the rigidity and high quality appearance that comes standard with ALUCOBOND PLUS.

*Natural variations in shade and color will occur with anodized finished metals. This variation is part of the natural beauty brought out by the anodizing process and often sought after for this aesthetic quality. Visual look of variation may also be effected by tint as well as size of panel. For more details on Anodized finishes please refer to Let’s Talk Tech on Anodized Finishes.
Dark Bronze Anodized
Medium Bronze Anodized
Light Bronze Anodized
Clear Anodized
Black Anodized