ALUCOBOND EasyFix is an innovative, cost-effective installation method for installing ALUCOBOND PLUS 4mm ACM on multi-story wood-frame construction.

Utilizing an innovative design for the attachment of ALUCOBOND PLUS panels, ALUCOBOND EasyFix offers simplicity and efficiency, trend-forward color options along with customizable panel layouts, widths and lengths.

Using the available attachment system, simply insert the panels with short clips or with a continuous rail. Clips are available in 3” lengths and rails are available in 12’ lengths.

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ALUCOBOND® EasyFix Clips and Rails

135 Starter Clip 135° Starter Clip
90 End Clip 90° End Clip
90_135 Clip 90°/135° Clip
135 Starter Rail 135° Starter Rail
90 End Rail 90° End Rail
90_135  Rail 90°/135° Rail

ALUCOBOND® FaceFastened

systems-accessories1 systems-accessories1

ALUCOBOND® FaceFastened

The ALUCOBOND FaceFastened system eliminates the need for routing panels, and provides a modern aesthetic with exposed fasteners. The FaceFastened system is suitable for interior or exterior usages.

Applications include, but are not limited to, facades, soffits, canopies, roofs, screen walls, column covers, and interior walls.

  • The oversized, painted fastener heads can match the face color of the panels or be painted to different colors for contrast.
  • The fasteners are designed with no threading on a portion of the shaft to prevent over-rotating of the screws on the panel face.
  • The materials and coatings on these accessories will provide long-lasting color performance for lifetime of the facade.
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ALUCOBOND® FaceFastened Fasteners

FaceFastened Enclosure FaceFastened System Enclosure
End Channel Face Fastened End Rail
FF Screw2 FaceFastened Mid Rail
FF Screw2 Screws