The Classic Collection

Color plays an integral role in the architectural environment, and the timeless palette in our Classic Collection reflects your passion. From classic neutrals to biophilic hues, this line offers a wide range of options to help give shape to your great ideas.

Statuary Bronze
New-Age Dark Bronze Mica
Driftwood Mica
Atacama Bronze Metallic
Hazelnut Mica
Russet Mica
Castle Gray
Epernay Champagne Metallic
Anodic Satin Mica
Harvest Gold Mica
Pure White - RVW
Bone White
HWH Bio White
JLR Champagne Metallic
Champagne Metallic
Sunrise Silver Metallic II
Brilliant Silver Metallic
Market Pearl White Mica
Silver Metallic
Beachstone Gray Metallic
Cadet Gray
Platinum Mica
Anodic Clear Mica
JLR Gray Metallic
West Pewter Mica II
Dusty Charcoal II
Nissan Gray
Anthracite Silver Metallic
Steel City Silver Mica
MZG Gray Mica II
Focus Black II
TBL Black
Graphite Mica
Tri-Corn Black
Black Metallic
Spire Blue II
Azure Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Image Blue
Bowtie Blue II
Carb Red
Patriot Red
Red Fire
Tuscan Sun