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In 1969, we invented Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), and we’ve been leading the world in design innovation ever since. As the original ACM used in the architectural and building cladding industries for over 50 years, ALUCOBOND gives shape to reliable, high quality and innovative designs.

It is distinguished in the market for its outstanding product attributes such as flatness, formability, durability and ease of fabrication, and is available in a broad palette of trend-forward colors and finishes. To help our clients build the future, we remain focused on inspiring the architectural community to create their legacy with the next generation of buildings.

ALUCOBOND is manufactured in Benton, Kentucky in a continuous lamination process and is available as a 4mm aluminum composite panel or as a flat .040” flat aluminum sheet, offered in a range of stocked sizes and finishes.

Two sheets of smooth .020” aluminum thermobonded to a solid, fire retardant core developed exclusively to meet fire performance requirements while providing the performance & versatility of ACM. 


A solid .040” gauge flat aluminum sheet that offers the perfect complement to ALUCOBOND PLUS facade panels, excellent for parapet caps, canopies and soffits, or painted metal trim.

Innovative Design.

Unparalleled Performance.


The versatile characteristics of ALUCOBOND products provide for a plethora of applications such as exterior and interior cladding, column covers, canopies, soffits and other facade applications, allowing architects to offer inspiring, creative, and innovative designs while meeting the standards of sustainable planning.


Life and safety is paramount in every decision. ALUCOBOND PLUS was developed to help meet stringent IBC Fire Code requirements while allowing architects and designers the flexibility to create their vision. The fire retardant core offers confidence in design while providing flatness, formability, durability and ease of fabrication.


3A Composites USA is committed to both maximizing the life of our products and the ethics involved at the end of product life through adherence to ISO standards, and are continuously identifying new ways to reduce or eliminate waste in our products through the lens of circular economy and environmental stewardship. Our goal is to meet the most stringent economic, social, and ecological demands by focusing on environmental impact, product safety, and sustainability. After many years of use, our products remain fully recyclable and can be reintroduced to the material cycle.

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