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Before using the details found here for downloading, please consult with your ALUCOBOND Representative. These details are NTS (Not to scale) and generic/nominal in nature. Actual Fabrication details will vary.

All Downloads in ALUCOBOND® Sustainability and Certification 

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This document provides a brief summary ALUCOBOND® LEED contribution data.
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This document provides valuable ALUCOBOND® LEED information for a more in-depth look at how ALUCOBOND® materials can contribute to gaining LEED certification.
Alucobond EPD with MCA
Life Cycle Assessment
ALUCOBOND® Life Cycle Assessment
ESR 1185 2014
ALUCOBOND® ICC-ESR-1185 Evaluation Report
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This is the ICC-ES-1114 evaluation report for ALUCOBOND® material. This shows compliance with the following: 2006 International Building Code (IBC), AC25 (Acceptance criteria for Metal Composite Material (MCM)
Alucobond Plus Florida Product Approval 2661 R1
ALUCOBOND® Plus Florida Product Approval #2661-R1
Dade County Small Missle NOA 2012 2015
Dade-County Small Missle NOA 2012-2015 (Plus)
Los Angeles RR 24868 PLUS
Los Angeles RR 24868 (Plus)
Component - Sign Accessories Certificate of Compliance.