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Before using the details found here for downloading, please consult with your ALUCOBOND Representative. These details are NTS (Not to scale) and generic/nominal in nature. Actual Fabrication details will vary.

All Downloads in Attachment Details - Full Set PDFs

This detail is provided for conceptual purposes only. The actual design, panel system, fabrication, and installation are not provided by 3A Composites USA, Inc. Alucobond sheets are marketed to a network of qualified fabricators / installers who provide the installed system. 3A Composites USA, Inc. does not make any warranties, express or implied including merchantability and fitness for purpose.
Alucobond Wet Seal System Full Set
Wet Seal - Full Set (PDF)
Alucobond Rainscreen System I Full Set
Rainscreen I - Full Set (PDF)
Alucobond Rainscreen II Full Set
Rainscreen II - Full Set (PDF)