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Before using the details found here for downloading, please consult with your ALUCOBOND Representative. These details are NTS (Not to scale) and generic/nominal in nature. Actual Fabrication details will vary.

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Thumbnail NEW temp ColorChart 102019
The ALUCOBOND® PLUS Stock Color Library shows the colors that are currently available as standard stocking items. 
Thumbnail fandeck
Fan deck of ALUCOBOND® PLUS stock items
Thumbnail Element 092019
From the Natural Collection, the ALUCOBOND® PLUS Element Series unifies the effortless beauty of organic elements with the durability and performance of aluminum, ensuring your project will stand the test of time.
Thumbnail Terra 092019
From the Natural Collection, the Terra Series is inspired by iridescent stone and the mesmerizing beauty of natural materials, creating a unique, earthy yet elegant facade.
Thumbnail Woodgrain 092019
From the Natural Collection, the ALUCOBOND® PLUS Woodgrain finishes amplify the inherent beauty and character of natural elements to enhance the design of your architectural project.
Thumbnail Axcent 082020
As the perfect addition to ACM, consider ALUCOBOND® AXCENT™ (Flat Sheet) for any project that requires painted metal trim. With a .040” thickness, AXCENT offers the perfect finishing touch.
Thumbnail Spectra 092019
Colors add fascination to the world! The ALUCOBOND® PLUS Spectra Collection celebrates the natural color shifts found in the environment around us, bringing movement and life to any architectural facade.
Thumbnail Anodized 032020
Anodizing’s intrinsic clarity highlights the natural beauty of the underlying aluminum while creating a harder, smoother, more durable surface. ALUCOBOND® PLUS Anodized finishes provide increased strength without sacrificing appearance.
Thumbnail CID programs   022020
From retail locations to automotive dealerships, gas stations, hospitality and food service corporations, ALUCOBOND PLUS is counted on to provide a consistent corporate identity message through appearance at every location it’s used.