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Before using the details found here for downloading, please consult with your ALUCOBOND Representative. These details are NTS (Not to scale) and generic/nominal in nature. Actual Fabrication details will vary.

All Downloads in Sustainability and Certification 

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The LEED program has gained much recognition over the past several years and is now the premier sustainability design tool in the building industry. LEED focuses on constructing buildings that have minimal impact on the environment during construction, occupation and reclamation. LEED recognizes that utilizing recycled materials is an important part of minimizing environmental impact. This recognition is the driving force for using ALUCOBOND® PLUS material. The relatively high percentage of recycled aluminum ensures that ALUCOBOND PLUS can provide a significant contribution to earning LEED points. A list of all Federal, State, and Municipal LEED users is available upon request from the Technical Services Department.
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Life Cycle Assessment
ALUCOBOND® Life Cycle Assessment
ESR 1185 2014
ALUCOBOND® PLUS ICC-ESR-1185 Evaluation Report
Thumbnail floridaproductapproval092019
ALUCOBOND Plus Florida Product Approval FL29842
Dade County Small Missle NOA 2012 2015
Dade-County Small Missle NOA 2012-2015 (Plus)
Los Angeles RR 24868 PLUS
Los Angeles RR 24868 (Plus)
Component - Sign Accessories Certificate of Compliance.