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Committed to Education

ALUCOBOND has the educational resources you need to transform your vision into reality! We are proud to offer four different courses, either in person or online, to assist with furthering your ACM (aluminum composite material) education as well as keeping up with industry standards, requirements, and progressions.

If you have any questions about our educational resources you can reach out to your local sales representative or contact us at 1-800-626-3365.


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Aluminum Composite Material:
Aluminum Composite Material – FR: Manufacturing, Installation, and Sustainability

This presentation summarizes Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) – Fire Rated fundamentals and discusses the manufacturing process, finishes, applications and environmental impacts. It also explains the versatility, sustainability, and functionality of ACM and discusses why it is selected for architectural cladding, interiors, and signage applications in new and existing buildings around the world.

Aluminum Composite Material:
NFPA 285 Fire Test of Exterior Wall Assemblies

Understanding and complying with building code life safety measures requires effective standards and reliable test results. NFPA 285 is used to establish life safety measures, but this test and the implementation in the building code has been challenged recently. This presentation discusses these challenges and analyzes the effects of NFPA 285 on building designs.