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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Madison County Criminal Justice Center

Alucobond ACM, Madison County Criminal Justice Center, Illinois

Project Name: Madison County Criminal Justice Center
Project Location: Edwardsville, Illinois
Alucobond Materials: 8,200 sq. ft. of 4mm
Champagne Metallic
Year of Installation: 2005
Architect: Lefferson & Associates, Inc., 
Alton, Illinois
Fabricator: Universe Corporation, 
St. Louis, Missouri
Attachment Method: Rear-ventilated
 “rainscreen” system
Practical Rehab Includes Alucobond® Material at Justice Center A focus on the practical distinguished the rehab of a vacant building which became the new Madison County Criminal Justice Center in Edwardsville, Illinois. Aluminum composite material (ACM) panels of Alucobond Material were chosen to blend with existing travertine panels and provide “a basic metal look,” according to Frank Wiseman, Vice President of Architecture for Lefferson & Associates, Inc. of Alton, Illinois, the architectural firm that designed the new Center. Both the Alucobond Material and travertine panels complement brick on the renovated project, which opened in early March, 2005. (more…)