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ALUCOBOND Blog | 2005 | September

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RiverView II, Chicago

Project Name: RiverView II
Project Location: Chicago, Illinois
Alucobond Materials: 48,000 sq. ft. of 4mm 
Alucobond Plus Custom Duranar Green
Year of Installation: 2005
Architect: DeStefano and Partners, Ltd.
, Chicago
Fabricator: Sobotec Ltd.
, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Installer: Arcadia Products Inc., 
Northbrook, Illinois
Attachment Method: Sobotec SL-1000
 caulked system

Alucobond Plus Material accents RiverView II, a luxury condominium tower on the north bank of the Chicago River overlooking Lake Michigan. With a final completion date of April 2005, RiverView II connects to a previously constructed, and smaller, first phase tower.

UC Riverside

Project Name: UC Riverside
Project Location: Riverside, California
Alucobond Materials: 36,000 sq. ft. of 4mm
 Silver Metallic
Year of Installation: 2005
Architect: RBB Architects Inc.
, Los Angeles, CA
Fabricator: Elward Systems Corporation
, Lakewood, Colorado
Installer: Engineered Metals Co.
, Fair Oaks, Texas
Attachment Method: Rout and return dry system

Alucobond® Material Courtyard Adds “High-Tech” Look

How do you introduce the “high-tech” look of metal as part of an engineering building on a university campus where brick makes a traditional statement? A suggestion of metal in the context of a brick exterior leads to a courtyard where the walls are clad predominantly in Alucobond Material—at the University of California, Riverside, Engineering Building Unit 2. Also introduced as a complement to brick on the exterior, sandstone is utilized as part of the courtyard as well. Overhead, the courtyard canopy of PVC fabric becomes an innovative design element that mixes well with the high-tech look of Alucobond Material cladding.