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Monthly Archives: June 2003

Hyundai Training Facility

Alucobond Plus, Hyundai Training Facility

Project Name: Hyundai Training Facility
Project Location: Montgomery, AL
Alucobond Materials: 1,749 sq. ft. of 4mm
 Alucobond® Plus 
Bone White
Year of Installation: 2003
Architect: Gresham, Smith and Partners, 
Nashville, TN
Fabricator/Installer: John W. McDougall Co., 
Nashville, TN
Attachment Method: 2” rainscreen system (Series 400)
“Good Design on a Budget” Involving Alucobond® Plus Material As a state-funded building, the Hyundai Training Facility in Montgomery, AL, needed “good design on a budget,” according to Byron K. Smith, Associate in the Birmingham office of Gresham, Smith and Partners. Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) was the architectural firm’s client for the training facility. (more…)