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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Alucobond Enveloped Library Is The Collaborative Effort of Local and Internationally Renowned Architecture Firms

Highlands Branch Library, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Marshall Tittemore Architects, Thermal Systems, Alucobond Aluminum Composite, Merle Prosofsky Photography Architecture’s status as a “landmark” is based on a variety of factors. The structure must be uniquely and beautifully designed, but it also must serve some great function to the location’s community. Not surprising, when local Edmonton architects, Marshall Tittemore and European powerhouse Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects (SHL) were commissioned for the Highlands Branch Library, it would result in something landmark worthy. (more…)

Artist Created Mirrored House In The Lush Landscape Of Southern California

Doug Aitken, MIRAGE, Desert X, California, Art Installation, Photography Lance Gerber Internationally renowned for his wide range of artistic feats, Doug Aitken’s MIRAGE is nothing short of an architectural wonder. Where the San Jacinto Mountains open into the Coachella Valley of Southern California lies the “living art” piece, reflecting its surroundings with an entirely mirrored façade. MIRAGE is part of a series of pieces for an outdoor art exhibit, Desert X, and can be publicly viewed until the end of October 2017. (more…)