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School’s Natural Color Palette of ALUCOBOND® Plus Cladding Addresses Sensory Needs of Special Education Students

The new Quora Education Center in Little Canada, Minn., celebrated its grand opening in August 2018 as the latest educational facility in Minnesota’s Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District designed specifically to address the sensory needs of students receiving special education services.

The Use Of Alucobond Aluminum Composite Cladding In Responsive Architecture

Responsive designs refer to both kinetic and dynamic façades and include non-stagnant building construction. These facades respond to their environment either via technology or manual stimulation. The responsiveness usually facilitates some kind of climatic benefit in which a daylighting or other energy efficiency function is enabled. Although the responsiveness of a façade can be purely aesthetic as well, adding a dimensional characteristic not often seen in architecture.

Architects Design Checkerboard Cantilevered Office Cluster In Norway

In a collaborative effort between Dark Arkitekter and Zinc Interior Architects, the former site of the Oslo airport was transformed into a cluster of office and residential spaces known as Fornebuporten.

Alucobond NaturAL Copper Creates Undeniable Luster On UK Headquarters

The Aberdeen, Scotland headquarters for Norwegian energy company Statoil utilizes the profound luster of Alucobond’s NaturAL Copper finish. The oil and gas production company operates in 37 countries around the world and their recently completed headquarters houses their development and production activities in the UK and Ireland.

Alucobond Revives Citylights Towers Outside Paris, France

photo by Vincent Fillon

Project Name: Pont de Sevres Towers (Citylights)
Project Location: Paris, France
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond® naturAL Line
Architect: Dominique Perrault
Fabricator: Tim Composites
Facade Engineer: Goyer
Photography: Andre Morin, Vincent Fillon, Dominique Perrault

A cluster of buildings stand at varying heights shining lights from all angles like a grand illumination in the Boulogne-Billancourt city of France. The Pont de Sèvres Towers aptly renamed, “Citylights,” are part of a complete refurbishment project in the western suburb of Paris, France. The original structure by French design duo, Pierre Roux-Dorlut and Daniel Badani, was built in 1975. But, as the decades passed and the area modernized, Dominique Perrault was commissioned to renovate the isolated buildings into an interconnected and modern design.

Logo-Inspired Sculptural Sunscreen Takes Corporate Branding To New Level With Alucobond NaturAL ACM

Project Name: Sephora Robson Street
Project Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond® PE naturAL Brushed
Architect: Francl Architecture
Fabricator: Keith Panel Systems Co. Ltd.
General Contractor: Marcon Construction Ltd., of Langley, British Columbia
Photography: Daniel Lunghi Photography

Beauty authority Sephora is internationally recognized for its unique retail concept, which combines an extensive array of top-of-the-line beauty and cosmetic products, sales consultant expertise and distinctive store design. While all stores utilize Sephora’s bold black-and-white color scheme, each store features unique design elements with many incorporating Sephora’s iconic “S”-shaped flame logo in store décor and signage.