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A Prefabrication and Material Masterclass

The commercial building industry is changing rapidly. Architects, developers, builders, contractors and fabricators are searching for innovative – and cost-effective – solutions that will enable them to work quickly and safely while still delivering high-quality, sustainable finished projects. One such solution is prefabricated (“pre-fab”) construction, a method that helps to streamline the building process and produce beautiful results.

In commercial building, pre-fab construction of a building’s façade typically involves assembling, in a controlled environment, large exterior panels into units. The completed units — which can be larger than 40 feet wide and a story tall — are then transported to the job site. Once on-site, they are connected to the building’s structure.

This method is challenging traditional paradigms in commercial construction, creating value by offering design flexibility, faster project delivery and accelerated project scheduling, quality assurance and reduced risk of jobsite injuries.

Pioneering Beautiful Solutions for Today’s High-end Homes

Beautiful + Durable = Fresh Approach to Utah’s Luxury Custom Homes ALUCOBOND PLUS Redefines Home Exteriors

Recognized for its good quality of life, stunning scenery and expansive views, Utah is ranked among the fastest growing housing markets in the U.S., with popular areas such as Salt Lake City and neighboring ski-destination Park City; each one coveted for their luxury homes and high-end real estate. Therefore, it’s no surprise that homeowners living in these upscale communities expect custom-built dwellings tailored to their individual liking — houses made from high-quality materials and burst with distinctive curb appeal that beautifully harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. Such was the case for two Utah homeowners.

Building Brilliance: A Blueprint for Constructing Educational Spaces that Inspire with ALUCOBOND®

Motivating students and making school interesting for learners of all ages is a challenge for educators at every academic level. It’s because of this that the decisions made while designing a new facility or updating an existing structure are significant. Meticulous consideration of details during the planning phase holds the power to foster a positive learning environment and deliver structural support to faculty and staff who are tasked with delivering a quality education, promoting academic success and enhancing confidence in their students.

3A Composites Announces Mike Marushka as Dual Recipient of Team Player and Sales Professional of the Year Awards

Acknowledged for His Exemplary Work Ethic and Exceptional Customer Service

Davidson, NC  – (April 23, 2024 ) – 3A Composites USA proudly announces Mike Marushka as the recipient of both the prestigious 2023 Team Player of the Year and Sales Professional of the Year award for the Architectural Division. Known for his technical expertise and superior customer service, Marushka is being celebrated for his exceptional contributions to the company.

3A Composites USA Increases Its Nationwide Focus on Mega Projects 

Company announces sales team expansion, reinforcing its commitment to the architectural community and supporting business growth across the South-Central U.S.

Davidson, NC  – January 23, 2024 –3A Composites USA — manufacturer of ALUCOBOND® the leader in metal facades for more than 50 years — is demonstrating its dedication to further cultivating relationships with leading architectural firms by shifting top performer John Tarr into the position of National Specification Manager.  An industry veteran and three-time sales award-winner for the Architectural Division of 3A Composites USA, Tarr will transition to the new role and concentrate his efforts on partnering with architectural firms that specialize in the design of large public venues such as stadiums, airports and other cultural centers.