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Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum Transformed With Ethereal Metal Design System Created With ALUCOBOND PLUS Brushed ACM

The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum had done its duty. Opened in 1972 in Uniondale, N.Y., the Coliseum not only had honored the military sacrifice of local veterans in Long Island’s Nassau County but had served as home to the one-time American Basketball Association’s New York Nets and the National Hockey League’s New York Islanders as well as hosted major events and concerts, including performances by Elvis Presley, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen.

Sleek Wine Cellar Evokes Elegance With Alucobond NaturAL

A wine cellar in France’s Bordeaux country has emerged as a result of French designer Philippe Starck and architect pal Luc Arsene-Henry. The duo worked together to craft a slick, wine-tinted project clad in Alucobond NaturAL Finesse. The reflective, elliptical cellar that resulted from the designer’s rendering slices through a bank of water like a blade plunging into the freshly tended Earth.

Te Oro Combines Ancient Polynesian Culture With Modern Alucobond

The new music and arts center, Te Oro, in Auckland, New Zealand combines ancient Polynesian and Maori culture with modern Alucobond aluminum composite material. The name, Te Oro, refers to the natural acoustics made from a nearby volcanic peak known as, Maungarei / Mount Wellington. Wind blows across the 440-foot volcanic peak creating the reverberation the building is named after. The shape of the building even resembles a giant wind instrument; symbolic for the ethnically diverse communities it serves.

Stunning Alucobond Clad Bank In Vienna Turns Heads With Unusual Gold Facade

The purpose of Raiffeisen Finance Center inspired the design and shape of the bank building. It’s a corporate building that is a little atypical using metallic Alucobond aluminum sandwich panels to convey coins; a symbol synonymous with the banks company identity. The six-story building is designed to convey luxury to employees, customers, and all that pass by. The architects at Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH submitted the winning design proposal that balances a modern high-tech look with classic style. Part constraint and part ingenuity, the design for the bank building by Pichler & Traupmann Architekten evolved into an encasing figure that encloses all the operations within the facility.

Zaha Hadid Designs Commercial Office Structure Clad In Alucobond Plus

Technology and creative sectors are surging in Moscow and housing the two is the Dominion Office Building designed by the world-renowned architect, Zaha Hadid. The exterior of the building boasts impressive protruding levels that are clad in Alucobond Plus and extend in abstract directions.

Architects Design School Focused On Sustainability And Fostering Community

Project Name: Baldivis Secondary College
Project Location: Baldivis WA, Australia
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond® Spectra Cupral, Spectra Antique, Desert Gold, Black 326, Anthrazit Grey
Architect: JCY Architects and Urban Designers
Photography: Peter Bennetts and Rob Ramsay (see caption for details)

The architects at JCY Architects and Urban Designers designed the Baldivis Secondary School as a “Learning Workshop,” a centralized learning hub that sits under a warehouse style roof.