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Yearly Archives: 2003

Hyundai Training Facility

Alucobond Plus, Hyundai Training Facility

Project Name: Hyundai Training Facility
Project Location: Montgomery, AL
Alucobond Materials: 1,749 sq. ft. of 4mm
 Alucobond® Plus 
Bone White
Year of Installation: 2003
Architect: Gresham, Smith and Partners, 
Nashville, TN
Fabricator/Installer: John W. McDougall Co., 
Nashville, TN
Attachment Method: 2” rainscreen system (Series 400)
“Good Design on a Budget” Involving Alucobond® Plus Material As a state-funded building, the Hyundai Training Facility in Montgomery, AL, needed “good design on a budget,” according to Byron K. Smith, Associate in the Birmingham office of Gresham, Smith and Partners. Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) was the architectural firm’s client for the training facility. (more…)

57 Bond Street

Alucobond Plus, 57 Bond Street

Project Name: 57 Bond Street
Project Location: New York, New York
Alucobond Materials: 7200 sq. ft. of Alucobond Plus
 Custom Violet Slate, 7500 sq. ft. of Alucobond Plus
 Sunrise Silver Metallic
Year of Installation: 2003
Architect: Meltzer/Mandl Architects PC
Fabricator/Installer: Kenneth J. Herman, Inc.
Attachment Method: Dry gasketed rout and return system
Award-winning Condo Lofts Clad in Alucobond® Plus Material The sleek, high-tech look of new condo lofts at 57 Bond Street, New York City, makes it quickly apparent that something extraordinary is happening in this Noho neighborhood. Newly constructed rather than renovated, the six-story building developed by an affiliate of Alchemy Properties Inc., an innovative New York City developer, brings modern architectural design to a distinctive downtown neighborhood. Above a floor of retail development, two oversize homes per floor with private outdoor space offer elegant design and state-of-the art amenities. For this project, the New York Council Society of American Registered Architects presented Meltzer/Mandl Architects PC the Award of Excellence. (more…)