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ALUCOBOND Blog | 2006

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Plaza Midtown, Atlanta

Project Name: Plaza Midtown, Atlanta
Project Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Alucobond Materials: 53,000 sq. ft. 4mm 
Alucobond Plus Material
Silver Metallic
Year of Installation: 2006
Architect: Smallwood, Reynolds, 
Stewart, Stewart 
& Associates, Inc., 
Fabricator/Installer: The Miller Clapperton 
Austell, Georgia
Attachment Method: MCP System 100

Alucobond® Plus Material Gleams at Plaza Midtown

Opened in early 2006, The Plaza Midtown in Atlanta is a mixed-use development featuring residential condominiums in two 20-story towers, and 70,000 sq. ft. of neighborhood retail. The gleaming twin towers of Silver Metallic Alucobond® Plus Material and glass are located on a 3.3-acre site that covers an entire city block, from Eighth St. to Peachtree Place between Spring and West Peachtree Streets. Directly accessible to the I-75/I-85 connector, this is part of a dynamic area with market growth that is drawing urban professionals and development.

Honolulu Design Center

Project Name: Honolulu Design Center
Project Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Alucobond Materials: 25,000 sq. ft. of
 Alucobond PE Core 
Silver Metallic
 Custom Honolulu Red
 with 80 percent
 pearlescent gloss
Year of Installation: 2006
Attachment Method: Elward Systems Corp.
 Secondary Guttered 
Architect: RIM Architects, 
Fabricator: Elward Systems Corporation, 
Lakewood, Colorado
Installer: Architectural Glass
& Aluminum
Oakland, California

The Honolulu Design Center selected Alucobond Material composite panels as exterior curtainwall for its combination of bold color and sleek finish to accentuate its dramatic ultra-contemporary design. The result is a breathtaking artistic statement that reinterprets several of Hawaii’s iconic natural forms and unique island experiences.

Warren, MI Civic Center

Project Name: Warren, MI Civic Center
Project Location: Warren, Michigan
Alucobond Materials: 23,240 sq. ft. 4mm Alucobond Plus Custom LCH Silver
Year of Installation: 2006
Fabricator: Sobotec Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Installer: Michigan Metal Walls, Inc., Wyandotte, MI
General Contractor: Skanska USA Building, Inc., Southfield, MI
Attachment Method: SL2000 Dry Rain Screen

New civic center features striking Alucobond® canopy, helps give citizens place of identity

With the opening of the Warren Civic Center – housing the new city hall and library – in November 2006, a master plan for the City of Warren, Mich., first drafted in 1963 came to fruition. According to Aug, 24, 2004, news reports of the civic center groundbreaking ceremonies by the City of Warren Communications Department, the city’s mayor presented a copy of the Aug. 29, 1956, edition of the Warren Township Journal, with a headline announcing: “Approve plans for future city hall.”

U.S. Xpress, Chattanooga

Project Name: U.S. Xpress
Project Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Alucobond Materials: 70,000 sq. ft. of 4mm Custom Charcoal Gray
Year of Installation: 2006
Architect: SSOE, Inc.
Fabricator: John W. McDougall Co., 
Attachment Method: Rout and Return Wet Seal

Design Vision Continues at U.S. Xpress

In the mid-90’s, U.S. Xpress of Chattanooga, Tennessee and SSOE, Inc., architects and engineers, spent three days developing a vision for a new U.S. Xpress headquarters building, which was completed before the end of the decade. That vision allowed for expansion, now realized with the spring 2006 completion of an adjacent corporate campus and the first of four “companion” buildings.

Fluor Corporation Headquarters

Project Name: Fluor Corporation Headquarters
Project Location: Irving, Texas
Alucobond Materials: 10,000 sq. ft. of 4 mm Bone White
Year of Installation: 2006
Architect: Forum Studio, Inc.
, St. Louis
Fabricator: NOW Specialties, Inc., 
Carrollton, Texas
General Contractor/Installer: Clayco, Inc.
, St. Louis
Attachment Method: Stainless steel fasteners

Alucobond® Louvers Let the Texas Sun Shine in Without Heavy Heat Load

When executives at engineering and construction giant Fluor Corp decided to build a new global corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas, last year, meeting a tight construction deadline was of the utmost importance. Design plans for the 140,000-square-foot, three-story, dual-wing corporate building were begun in mid-June 2005, with ground-breaking in late July. Just eight months later, construction was completed. Similar projects, according to Fluor, usually require a 16-month timeline to complete.

Fair Lawn Community Center

Project Name: Fair Lawn Community Center
Project Location: Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Alucobond Materials: 24,000 sq. ft. of 4mm 
Bone White Color
Year of Installation: 2006
Architect: Allen Weitzman
Studio 5 Partnership Architects
, Glen Rock, NJ
Fabricator: BAMCO, Inc., 
Middlesex, NJ
Attachment Method: D500 Dry Joint Wall System

Community Center’s Contemporary Design Captures Officials’ Vision of Town’s Future

When officials in the Borough of Fair Lawn, N.J., decided to build a new community center to replace the town’s indoor recreational facilities that were split between two inadequately spaced buildings located at opposite ends of town, there was one overriding goal for the building’s design.